Citizenship education develops knowledge, skills and understanding that pupils need to play a full part in society as active and responsible citizens. Pupils learn about politics, parliament and voting as well as human rights, justice, the law and the economy. They also learn the skills of active citizenship. Teaching is brought to life using real issues and events in local to global contexts

Citizenship at Thomas More Catholic School is delivered on a weekly basis in tutor time and through whole day sessions delivered once a term.

In addition, elements of Citizenship education are addressed in our programme of school assemblies, through lesson content in other subject areas and extra-curricular events such as mock elections.

Citizenship education at Thomas More Catholic School is intended to help students develop their understanding and awareness in six key areas.

  • Democracy and Justice
  • Global issues
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Diversity and Community
  • Personal Wellbeing
  • Financial Wellbeing

Delivery of Citizenship education also provides an ideal opportunity for exploring themes associated with British Values.

Student Voice

A student voice group represents students at Thomas More Catholic School. Representatives meet on a fortnightly basis with a member of the senior leadership team.

Department member

  • Mr D Pitt (Assistant Headteacher)